General Conditions of Sale and Warranty

- All products manufactured by INCOMEF are warranted against defects in material or workmanship under the Guaranty regime in force in Portugal, unless otherwise agreed.

- Whenever a defect is duly recognized by the INCOMEF Technical Services, it is obliged to repair the defective organ or to replace it during normal working hours, not including, in cases where the equipment is destined to the external market, nor the shipping costs (transportation costs) of such material (spare or repair parts served within the warranty period) nor the costs of any possible travel and stay of an INCOMEF technical team outside of Portugal.

- INCOMEF is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by any deficiency of the material, even if recognized by its Technical Services. Thus, any claim invoking warranty can never understand more than the repair or replacement of the material that INCOMEF has recognized as deficient.

- The warranty is only valid with full compliance with the planned preventive maintenance plan as defined in the instruction manual delivered with the equipment.

- The warranty is automatically void in case of alteration or repair of the equipment without the prior consent of INCOMEF or made by another unauthorized.

- The warranty does not include the implementation of new features and subsequent changes made to the equipment.

- The warranty does not include defects or damages caused by improper operation or improper use (such as overcharging) by users of the equipment (customer's responsibility);

- This warranty does not include the resolution of problems resulting from either poor maintenance of the equipment or errors resulting from the assembly, or these operations are not ensured by INCOMEF itself.

- The present conditions do not prevent others from being stipulated for special cases.

- The Forum of the District of Porto is the only competent to judge all cases of litigation.

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